3 Benefits of Playing Pokèmon GO

The emergence of Pokèmon GO offers a new outlook on the nostalgic anime television series and game Pokèmon. In partnership with Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokèmon Company have taken the popular television series and game, Pokèmon, to new heights with their new mobile game. Capitalizing off the idea to “Get up and Go,” Pokèmon GO has created quite a frenzy since its debut. The free to play location-based augmented reality games allows users worldwide to “Catch Pokèmon in the Real World with Pokèmon GO!”

Catching a Koffing at Full Sail University Pokèstop Saturday, July 30, 2016. (Photo Taken By Van-Nessa Hagans)
Catching a Koffing at Full Sail University Pokèstop Saturday, July 30, 2016. (Photo Taken By Van-Nessa Hagans)

The game offers users various in-app purchases including buying another backpack, Pokèdex, Pokèballs, and other virtual merchandise; that generates a whopping 1.6 million dollars each day from iOS (Apple) users alone.  Although there have been many accounts of robberies and accidents, there are benefits to the popular game if played using the proper safety precautions. Below are some of the benefits of getting up and exploring with Pokèmon GO.




Pokémon GO forces users to leave the comfort of their home to catch all 152 Pokèmon. There have been reports of players who have lost weight from walking around their neighborhood and communities’ to conquer gyms, hatch, and catch Pokèmon. Users are not only increasing their cardio but it has been reported to decrease depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and loneliness.




Pokèstops Highlight Local Businesses


Throughout various communities, there are Pokèstops where users go to get free merchandise including Powerball’s, Gems, Eggs, and Potions. Most of these Pokèstops are located at local businesses throughout cities and communities. Business owners have begun playing the game and setting up Lure Modules which attracts Pokémon for 30 minutes. Lure Modules notify users when there’s one in their area by turning pink with floating hearts. These Lure Modules attract people because they want to accomplish the goal of “catching them all.” Businesses have been capitalizing off these modules by promoting on social media, having promotional events, and having giveaways.



Promotes a  Social Lifestyle

Pokèmon GO trainers connect with each other at various Pokèstops throughout cities and communities. There are often conversations about Pokèmon in the area, tips to reach higher levels quickly, and more. Players attach Lure Modules to Pokèstops to attract rapid appearances of Pokèmon and trainers in that area. Players are unknowingly using these Lure Modules and making connections with various people in the community.


Pokèmon GO is a great way to get out and enjoy being social with fellow Pokèmon hunters and support local businesses. It has been proven that the virtual game is beneficial in promoting a healthier lifestyle. If you’re tired of sitting inside and want to explore your neighborhood and cities download Pokèmon GO in your app store.


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