About DASH:

Dash at Stax Museum

Hi, my name is Van-Nessa Hagans but in the social media world I’m known as VanDashNessa. I have always had a serious obsession with music thanks to the tunes my parents and older sister were playing around me. I was constantly exposed to different aspects of music and journalism from both my parents. Watching my mother, a recording engineer, work with different artists from production to promotion. My father, a civil rights activist, had a newspaper dedicated to informing the public about issues local papers weren’t covering.

Observing my parents work and getting hands-on experience impacted me to create my own outlet of expression. In 2005, I created a blog called What’s On The [D.A.S.H.]board? writing about music that wasn’t being played on the radio. Over time, the blog grew substantially, cultivating the motto “Blogging on music that is Distinctive And StylisH.”

Taking it a step further, I created this site with the same dashing motto but including feature interviews with up and coming artists. Allowing music listeners to connect with an artist that isn’t getting circulation by any other form of media. Created with the purpose of giving un/signed artists a platform to connect with new audiences. Amongst pursuing my master’s degree in new media journalism and managing both sites, I specialize in helping musicians build their social media presence. Happy Listening!

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