Jasmine Duvall Expresses Herself Through Surrendered Mime Ministry

Usually, when speakers engage with an audience they use their voice to persuade them with facts with the objective to increase their following or idea. Some use their education, personality, and background to achieve this following. Clarksville local, Jasmyne Duvall, captures audiences with her Surrendered Mime ministry.
Miming is associated with circuses or street fairs but as the generation interest changes the artistic expression is offering younger members an outlet to be creative. Miming began in Ancient Greece named after a single masked dancer named Pantomimus. Although, miming performances didn’t begin silently as time progressed the role of the artistry changed. Medieval Europeans evolved miming with their mummer plays and dumbshows.
“I release through mime, I give all my problems and fears to God,” Duvall continues. “When I am performing it’s just God and me.”
Mime was often considered taboo because black churches couldn’t decide whether or not it was anointed. Now the art is becoming more accepted in churches across the country. The purpose of Mime Ministry is to “minister healing and deliverance to people’s hearts creative expression of dramatized pantomime.” Duvall displays this in every performance by using the art of miming to express her love for God. She doesn’t speak loud or shout facts for audiences to see her purity and dedication to her anointed expressions.

Watch Jasmyne Duvall’s performance on Clarksville’s Cumberland Riverwalk above.

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