Javar Rockamore has the Remedy to Cure Hip Hop

Lyricist and producer, Javar Rockamore from Memphis, Tennessee has been making moves in Atlanta with debut single “What I Gotta Do?” from his upcoming album The Cure.

Sitting on FaceTime, Javar Rockamore is getting in his zone preparing his daily herbal dose while we’re discussing having the courage to follow your dreams. No matter how tall the brick wall is climbing it is the goal. He explains, “Embracing your struggle is important in appreciating your journey.” Rockamore made the big leap a couple of years ago when he moved from his home in Memphis to Atlanta. Although, he often questioned if he made the right decision, but it never crossed his mind to go back home. Leaving wasn’t an option because his goal is to be working within the music industry. He knew at a young age that music was an interest, but he knew he wanted to rap at 9 years old when he heard “Mo Money Mo Problems” from The Notorious B.I.G., Ma$e, and P.Diddy. Daydreams fed his drive, “I came up with a whole different video of me featuring Ma$e and I wrote my raps and what he was going to say.”

A part of his dream is becoming a reality with his recent debut of “What I Gotta Do?” the lead single off his upcoming project The Cure. Rockamore describes, “My music is very generous I give a lot of bars and I drop a lot of jewels. The benevolent MC that’s me.”

Rockamore is hands on with every aspect of his career. He has created his own method to delivering the message he wants to achieve, “When I approach songs, I like to take four or five days to come up with a concept and topic then I write a song about it.” Bringing the fun back in music with “What I Gotta Do?” Rockamore explained, “I wasn’t rapping before “What I Gotta Do?” I had not recorded really…anything. Out of nowhere I just felt it, I had an epiphany.” His epiphany led to the organic collaboration with producer Dude Ova There and BMF Neff.

He isn’t afraid to include subjects others wouldn’t dare touch in their music such as his firm belief in Christianity. Finding your balance is is extremely important, “My faith is something I preach about in my music because that’s my foundation I’m a Christian at heart. I’m not trying to be your pastor, but you have to find whatever you believe in.. that spiritual infinite.”

Wise beyond years, Javar Rockamore delivers a dose of inspiration, motivation, and undeniable wit. Showcasing different aspects of his personality, Rockamore incorporates his life experiences, relationships, and faith throughout his music. Staying true to himself gives him the impeccable ability to relate on different levels to every listener. He will leave you craving more with his lyrical metaphors and clever delivery while simultaneously curing hip hop. Keep in mind, you haven’t been cured until Javar Rockamore is on your playlist.

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