Rapper Samson Balances Education and Music

Brandon Bradfield seems like the typical student at Middle Tennessee State University, but it is his extracurricular activities that keep him on his path towards success. He is a member of the National Association of Black Journalism, Black Student Union, and Talented Tenth Student Activist Coalition on top of rapping in his spare time.

Bradfield is in pursuit of his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations for the recording industry. The senior placed himself under a rigorous schedule to make sure he balances his education, homework, organizations, and music. Throughout the day he manages to attend class, finish homework, attend organization meetings, working internship, desk assistant job and assist with various campus events, so his nights are reserved for writing music.

Branden Bradfield walking to library on campus Saturday, Feb. 27, in Murfreesboro.
Branden Bradfield walking to library on campus Saturday, Feb. 27, in Murfreesboro.

“I realize what I need to do, depending on what I want to do,” he continues. “It gets quite hard because I have things to organize constantly,” Bradfield says.

The young rapper whose known as Samson still manages to make time to speak on issues important to African American community. Recently Bradfield was interviewed for his input on the importance of the campus changing the name of the Forrest Hall ROTC building. Which was named after the first grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.

The Waterloo, Iowa natives’ goal is to motivate and inspire listeners through his music. Encouraging listeners to succeed in everything they do and accomplish their goals. His music reflects his life experiences, current situations, trending topics, and the life of his friends greatly impact his lyrics offering positive outlooks on the negative aspects of life. Bradfield is expecting to graduate Winter 2016 with hopes of starting his firm in the future.

Watch the audio slideshow as Samson details the difficulties in managing education and music above.


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