The Communion Brings Nashville Locals Closer to Music

Artist led organization The Communion brought musicians Albatross, Joe Fletcher, Eryn Allen Kane, Big Surr, and Stephen to The Basement in Nashville Wednesday (March 9th). The venue’s intimate setting enabled audiences to get an up-close and personal experience with each artist performance. The Communion residence series exposed local, national, and international emerging talent to the Nashville audience.


Local singer, Albatross brought his guitar and thought provoking lyrics in his performance of “Long After The Money’s Gone.” New England native and Nashville-based singer, Joe Fletcher, brought his country-folk style with his performance of “Florence, Alabama” and “I Never (Reprise) from his album You’ve Got the Wrong Man.

Chicago-based soul singer, Eryn Allen Kane, performed “Bass Song” from her debut EP Aviary: Act I along with “Sunday,” “Honey,” “Dead or Alive” and her powerful “How Many Times” from her EP Aviary: Act II. Local band Big Surr brought their beach-pop vibe just in time for the spring season with their performance of new songs. LA based singer, Stephen rocked the house with his performance of his mesmerizing “Sincerely.”

Their multi-genre showcases bring artists with different styles and genres to one stage every month at The Basement. Nashville is a part of their monthly residency that provides a platform for artist discovery in 14 major cities.

If you are living in the New York, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Louisville, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Quad City, Austin, Dallas, and New Orleans area make sure you check out The Communion tour dates.

Watch the video above to see coverage of The Communion Nashville show above.

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